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    Goga Saatashvili

    Norway (NIBIO) & Turkey (EGE) | Fruity vegetables Vertical leader: EMU

    A major category of vegetables with a wide range of color, shapes, sizes, tastes. Usually tropical or subtropical origin therefore during the winter are cultivated in protected environments (greenhouse) from South to North Europe. Small size tomatoes are become very popular nowadays. TRTH2150, fruit size about 50 gr, local name Rousiko, excellent yield – TRTH1770, fruit size about 15-20 gr, very high antioxidant capacity.
    Current status: Milos Island in Greece. It could be extended in protected environments (greenhouse) from South to North Europe.
    Main properties: It contains water (95%), carbohydrates (4%) and minimal fat and protein.
    Nutrition/health: Higher sugars content than the larger tomatoes, high concentration of phytochemicals, moderate source of vitamin C, high postharvest storage potential and easy handling during cooking.
    Advantages: Environmental resilient (in a protected or free environment), high nutritional value, antioxidant-rich, vegetarian diets, minimal calories, high potential to enter in the food value chain, high potential to incorporate in the consumers shopping basket.

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