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    Germany (BIOLAND) & Spain (SOL) | Legumes Vertical Leader: SOL

    The genus Lathyrus encompass more than 160 species. Among different species, grasspea (Lathyrus Sativus L.), chickling vetch (Lathyrus Cicera L.), are largely cultivated and appreciated as both food and fodder, being the cheapest source of high-quality proteins mainly in arid areas. The other species in the genus such as Lathyrus Ochrus L. and L. Clymenum are two promising crops which could be used as forage feed and food allowing soil N-enrichment and reducing inputs and environmental effects.
    Current status: It is widely distributed, in restricted areas, in the Mediterranean Basin and in temperate as well as tropical countries. It could be expanded in arid areas in Europe.
    Main properties: High in crude protein and low in fat.
    Nutrition/health: It should not be consumed in large quantities (because it contains a neurotoxin) and is mainly used as an ingredient in traditional foods.
    Advantages: High nutritional value, water-energy efficient, environmental resilient (high temperatures and drought, withstand heavy rain spell, small territorial requirements), protein-rich, minimal calories, high potential to enter in the food value chain.

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